“ONLINE” VEILING VAN MEUBELS  (Sien NSA online op Facebook)

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Please read carefully and once you have entered a bid on any item we will conclude that you agree to all the conditions of sale.

1.) All items are sold “as is”/ ”voetstoots”

2.) Collection is the buyers responsibility and for his/her cost. This includes the obtaining of permits for collection by the buyer.

3.) 15% +VAT Buyers commission will be added on to your successful bid.

4.) NO VAT payable on any item unless specifically otherwise mentioned.

5.) Any item maybe withdrawn from the auction if the reserve is not met.

6.) Any item on which a successful and accepted bid was made needs to be paid in full (including the 15% +VAT) buyers commission within 24 Hours, into the given Bank account. EFT’S ONLY!!!

7.) Any item once it is sold, stands on the risk of the buyer, until collected.

8.) No “2 minute rule” applicable, the bidding will close on the announced time and the Auctioneer/Administrator/Administrators decision if final. If any discrepancies occur the auctioneer/Administrators may put the item back on to be re-auctioned in there final discretion.

9.) Courier of smaller items may be arranged by the buyer with the Administrator/Auctioneer for the account of the buyer. The Courier company will be the choice of the auctioneer/administrators.

10.) Invoicing to the successful buyers will be done once payment is secured.

11.) Anyone that does not adhere tot these conditions may be removed from this group without prior notice. Successful buyers that does not comply with these conditions will pay a fine or may be held liable for full and final payment.

12.) Obtain a buyer’s number by registering through email (admin@nsabloem.co.za) or whatsapp only (0769105390) by sending a copy of your id, proof of adress, cellphone number and email adress.

13.) Join Group, once we allocated a buyer number to you, admin on the group will accept your request.

Naby Food Lovers Market/Oranje Toyota in Langenhovenpark 

Meubels en losgoed: Sitkamerstelle – Eetkamerstelle – Slaapstelle – Lessenaars – Kantoorstoele – Koffietafels – Houtkaste – Yskaste/Vrieskaste – Breekware –  Eetgerei – Kombuisware – Ornamente  ens. Te veel om op te noem. 


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